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  • Instant Nails

    A high strength gap filling solvent free adhesive that produces a quick grab and replaces mechanical fixings in a multitude of home improvement applications. Dries white and can be painted over when dry.

  • Sherlock Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive

    Sherlock heavy duty spray adhesive will provide a flexible but ultra strong bond for many applications from foam backed carpets and carpet tiles, underfelt, flexible foams, fabrics, felt and cork to plywood, softwood, MDF, laminates, metal, hardboard, glass and rigid plastics. Applied straight from the can with three adjustable nozzle settings to control discharge rate and spray pattern.

    Size: 500ml

  • Floor Paint

    Attractive and hard wearing, transforms drab, stained or scuffed concrete and similar surfaces. Suitable for floors in warehouses, workshops, shop floors garages, basements, etc.

    Coverage: up to 8m2 per ltr (two coats recommended).

  • Anti-Slip Floor Paint


    Solvent free industrial quality floor paint. Applied by roller as a one-coat system, to provide traction in areas of slip hazard. Hard wearing, epoxy resin anti-slip coating suitable for use on heavy trafficked concrete, stone, steel and wooden floor surfaces.

    Coverage: 5m2 per pack.

  • Rust Covering Enamel Paint

    High gloss rust covering enamel paint. Corrosion resistant, can be applied directly to rusty metal and repels moisture providing long term protection. Touch dry in 20 mins (subject to humidity and temperature), no need for primer or undercoat.

    Coverage: 0.6m2 per 500ml can.

  • Enamel Paint

    This tough enamel has long lasting flexibility when used to cover rust, bare metal and wood, repelling moisture to give long term protection. It must be applied in temperatures of 5¡ã C or above and is sag resistant to eliminate brush strokes, dilutable by white spirit and can be used for interior or exterior applications.