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  • Food Safe Lubricating Oil

    This lubricant is completely clear odourless and food safe, it contains no mineral hydrocarbons and meets with FDA and is NSF H1 registered.

    It is a hydrophobic oil and therefore does not take in water, providing a barrier between water condensation and metal surfaces. This versatile lubricant can be used on sliding and rolling element bearing surfaces, metal, wood and plastics. Non-flammable. Non-Toxic. Anti-corrosive. Safe for use at temperatures from -60 to 260C.

    CAUTION: Pressurised container. Protect from sunlight. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50C.

    Do not pierce or burn even after use.

    Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material.

  • Food Safe White Grease

    Intended use for lubrication of bearings, slides and all delicate mechanisms used in the food manufacturing/ processing industry. Maximum operating temperature 150¡ãC with excellant load carrying capacity and water resistance. Non-toxic.

    FDA Compliant.NSF H1 registered.

  • Food Safe High Tech Grease

    Food safe synthetic PTFE grease is a fully synthetic translucent non melting grease that allows fluid to penetrate into machine parts before setting to a No.2 rated grease.

    It protects and lubricates with a non-toxic anti corrosive shield for use on sliding and rolling element bearing surfaces, metal, wood and plastics.

    Manufactured from non-toxic lubricant ingredients listed by the FDA and is NSF H1 registered. Totally salt or fresh water resistant to be used inside and out on a range of machinery in temperatures ranging from -40C to 340C.

  • Food Safe Anti-Seize Paste

    Formulated for use on assemblies in difficult areas where fretting corrosion and corrosion induced by wet environments occur. It can also be use to lubricate slow moving slides and pivot pins. Resistant to hot, cold and salt water it can be used across a wide temperature range where the solid lubricate including PTFE gives excellent dry lubrication and forms a barrier between all surfaces. Non-toxic, it complies with FDA regulations and is H1 registered.

  • Food Safe Probe Wipes

    These single use wipes are for the disinfectant cleaning of food probes to prevent cross-contamination.

    Probe Wipes (Tub of 175)

    Tub of 175 (13 x 13cm) wipes.

  • Food Safe Hand Wipes

    These non-toxic single use wipes are excellent for killing lethal bacteria and preventing cross-contamination.

    Tub of 200 (20 x 30cm) wipes.