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  • Rain Curtain

    -It sprays a ¡®curtain¡¯ of water like Rain

    -Strong ¨C 5 years warranty*, but expect a much longer life

    -Uniformity = Lower operating Cost

    -Durability = Lower maintenance Costs

    -Anti-Theft to secure Rain Curtain?

  • Sansui S1

  • Showerhead

    A new Sumishower design called ¡°SHOWERHEAD¡± IS ALSO OFFERED BY T&C.

    SHOWER HEAD has a wider throw than any comparative sprinklers and a very even spray and coverage.


    -Interval of stand is 12.5 metre

    -Watering area is 227 metres2

    -Watering time is 20 minutes only for equivalent of 6mm of rain.

    -Pressure recommended at 1.8kg/cm2

    For nurseries where the Manager requires a shorter watering time than that of Rain Curtain, with a heavier spray pattern, we advise using our Shower Head V.I.8.

  • Sumisansui Mark II

    For the nursery irrigation system, T&C Indomal are the sole distributors for the Sumisansui Mark II tube system manufactured by SUMITOMO of Japan.

    The tubes are supplied in 100 metre rolls and are made of special polyethylene. They are supplied via a 4 inch pipe.

    At the recommended operating pressure of 0.8 kg/cm, tube interval is 3.6 metre apart in the oil palm nursery.