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    The Nutrifert foliar liquid fertilizer has been developed to offer our value customers state of the art products with the following advantages:

    -A new product utilizing all the Sumicoat R&D is our Sumicoat King.

    -Sumicoat King is the latest technology in LARGE GRANULE controlled release NPK.

    -It can be used on mineral, peat and sandy soils.

    -With large granule formation, SUMICOAT KING can give up to 24 months controlled release from one (1) sub soil application.

    -Formula 18-6-9 is recommended for Nursery, First and Second Year palms

    -Large granules give much longer term release and results.


    -T&C Indomal is the sole distributor for Sumicoat NPK controlled release fertilizer for Malaysia and Indonesia.

    -Sumicoat is a product of Sumitomo Japan.

    -Sumicoat has a controlled release pattern which gives NPK (19-8-12-2+TE) for up to 12 months from one sub soil application.

    -A granular product, Sumicoat is particularly effective in the Oil Palm nursery and First year field planting.

    -Because of its high quality and specialized release pattern, Sumicoat ensures rapid and healthy growth.

    -Sumicoat has been developed by Sumitomo over 27 years.

    -Sumicoat has been used in Malaysia and Indonesia over that period.

    -It is well known and proven in the market.

  • Tigercote

    Tigercote Controlled Release fertilizer consists of a safe starter and a controlled release component which contain the essential nutrients required for optimal plant growth in the early stages.

    The nutrients will be released as needed over the specified longevity period depending on the soil temperature.

    For a minimum order of 20 tons, we can formulate Tigercote? to contain the required N, P, K, MgO ratio and the nutrient release pattern for your requirement and specification.